The Discovery Group Process

A basic introduction to facilitating the building block for a Disciple Making Movement in your
neighborhood, city, and world.


In the following slides you will learn the basic steps to facilitating the discovery process. 
You will learn how to facilitate and help others facilitate this process that is known as a discovery group.

It is crucial that you ask each question every time that the group meets as it is the DNA that will produce replication within the group's relational network.

Let's get started!

What are you thankful for this week?


  • Everyone has something they can be thankful for
  • Let everyone in the group share


  • cultivate an attitude of thankfulness
  • embed prayer

What is stressing you out today?

How:                                                                                               why:

  • Narrow the focus, ask, "what is one thing?"
  • let everyone share
  • try not to dwell on stresses

  • identify needs of the group members                   for ministry opportunity
  • build relationship
  • embed prayer

how can we meet one another's needs, or do you know someone with a need that this group can meet?

How & Why

  • We want to meet the needs of the group as a group...not only the facilitator meeting the needs of the group
  • Don't make it heavy or labor intensive or it will die practical needs
  • Simple acts say a lot and go a long way towards developing this culture

  • We value helping others and ministering to their felt needs in and outside of our group
  • Spawns replication through new relationships
  • Together, we can be the answer to prayer for someone
  • Jesus wants us to partner with Him to make a difference in our world

What does god say?

how & Why


  • Read the designated passage out loud two times (two different versions of the Bible if available)
  • Have one person re-tell it in their own words, then let everyone from the group add in any parts that were missing
  • Possible guided questions to regain the group's attention, simply ask, "What does this tell us about...   God - Man - God's Plan


  • we are hearing and learning from God
  • retelling the passage in our own words helps us to retain the story to retell it to others
  • Building a collective understanding of the passage helps us to remember more and learn quicker
  • groupthink limits misinterpretation

Scripture lists

creation to christ (trust part A) (trust part B)







Other resources

If this is God speaking, 

what will you do?

How & why


  •   Develop practical "I will..." statements
  •     To gauge practicality ask, "what can you add or take away?"
  •     We desire obedience within 24-48 hours as we will forget if we wait too long
  •     Model for the group your successes and failures


  • We value obedience not knowledge without application
  •     Learning practical obedience is the key
  •     Developing an actionable step in moving our spiritual journey
  •     Creates opportunity for accountability

other resources

with whom will you share what you've just learned?

how & why


  •    Each person in the group should pick a specific person to share within 48 hours
  •     Doesn't need to be a person's testimony
  •     Spark new conversations
  •     Model your successes and failures


  • What we learn we give away quickly
  •     Facilitate conversations that push others towards God
  •     Practiced obedience
  •     Helps replicate through appropriate evangelism

building accountability into the discovery group process

how & why


  •  Celebrate all obedience, even partial obedience
  •     If someone hasn't done anything since the last meeting, ask "how can the group help you    do    what you said you would do?"
  •    Model your own successes and failures


  •     Check in with everyone to see if they are practicing what they say they are going to do
  •     Develop a community of celebrating obedience
  •     If people aren't sharing, there will be no replication


  • ask all six of the questions each and every time your group gathers, this will help others to learn the process and pass it along

  •     give others a chance to facilitate...after a few weeks ask someone else to ask the questions and facilitate the group

  •     this is a discovery process...allow everyone to discover and don't take over by teaching what you know or bring to the table

the end

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The discovery process

By derekpoe

The discovery process

A 101 "How to" on facilitating the Discovery Process

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